IOBit sucks at ethics

IOBit is a Chinese software company that produces system optimization and security applications for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Yesterday Techdows ran a story claiming that IObit’s Advanced SystemCare 6 beta was installing browser extensions/spyware without consent. This was hardly news, as IOBit have a long history of bundling malicious spyware with their apps. This post aims to shed a light on IOBit’s various illegal and unethical business practices.

IObit hijacking search & homepage settings

Distributing Malware

IOBit have also been linked to other companies (usually listed as “partners” on the IOBit website) which are known to distribute malware. There is significant evidence suggesting they also own Evensoft; known for rogue disk cleaning software. In 2012 IOBIt were accused of pushing a rogue registry optimisation application, shown below.

Fake and misleading website content

Sadly this isn’t the first time IOBit has violated their users rights or displayed questionable ethics. Previous versions of their website had pages claiming that Advanced SystemCare could improve your pornography viewing experience. (The links; and have since been removed by IOBit, however they can still be found on various internet archives.) In 2009 IOBit displayed fake reviews on their website, falsely claiming that their security product had been recommended by Forbes and CNN. In addition; positive reviews for IOBit products were posted before those products had even been released.

Theft of Malwarebytes’ Intellectual Property

In late 2009; IOBit was caught stealing the database definitions of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and incorporating them into their own security product. When confronted by this claim; rather than apologize and amend the situation – they instead chose to blame their users. They eventually removed all of Malwarebytes’ definitions from their database (~70% of the entire database), however they never issued a formal apology for their misconduct.

Censorship and Misleading Users

IOBit have a bit of a PR problem too. In this forum thread; an IOBit staff member specifically linked to negative reviews of IOBit software and claimed that they were being made with “evil intentions.” A CNET user claimed that IOBit’s Advanced SystemCare crashed his/her system. IOBit’s management literally described this review as “rude and total racism.” Furthermore, they incited their users to reply to the review on CNET. Many comments went as far as calling the user a “moron” and claiming he was incapable of operating the software. Any attempt to call IOBit out on their poor quality software and general disregard for ethics leads to retaliation.

Websites and individuals that promote IOBit’s software should be ashamed that they are contributing towards such unethical practices. They distribute spyware, push rogue software, publish fake reviews, steal intellectual property, intimidate users and promote pornography. Why hasn’t anybody shut them down yet?


September 20th, 2012 – IOBIt has been caught distributing malware and lying to users. Again.
April 2nd, 2013 – I’ve rewritten large portions of this article and divided it into subheadings.

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    Shane Gowland

    IOBit is a Chinese software company that produces system optimization and security applications for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Yesterday Tec
    [See the full post at:]

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    Why hasn’t anybody shut them down yet?

    The awnser is IOBit is based in china , a place where the right well placed bribes
    Will let you get away with anything ,
    And Iobit has lots of money generated by its loyal and worshiping user’ssome of whom
    do defend and treat Iobit Like as if it was a god .

    iobits PR department is always in over drive protection its users from the truth
    Their help fourm is PR heaven where they reinforce user confidence it their software
    Recent issue is IObit Protected Folder Authentication Bypass

    After this was published some users post on about it on iobits fourm asking about the issue
    the posts were removed rather fast to say the least

    Iobit still contiues to decive it users and all too many of them still think iobit is the best thing since sliced bread ,,,,,,,,,,

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    USA! USA! USA!

    I knew iobit wasn’t up to snuff just by reading their website and support forums. I tried to see where they were located because I suspected Chinese crap. No reference to any physical location to be found anywhere. Googled it and found this site. Turns out not only was I right, but they are worse than I thought. Uninstalled Advanced System Care free after 10 minutes of ownership.

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    Soo.. What do you suggest instead? How to be sure than “none of the others” doesn´t do the same if this is true? I mean “even” american firms.. I am just curious since it would be really bad if this is true about Iobit since it works remarkably well.. And is Bitdefender too installing spyware?

    I am sincerely wanting to hear about anther solution that work as well or even better than Advanced Systemcare (for a fair price that is!)

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    Shane Gowland

    The geographic location of IOBIt or any other software company is totally irrelevant and unrelated to their trustworthiness. There are good and bad companies everywhere.

    To answer your question: You don’t really *need* a system optimization program. Simple things like controlling the number of startup programs, deleting temporary files and de-fragmenting your hard drives can completely invalidate the need to buy any all-in-one program. Check out ‘Computer Maintenance – The Comprehensive Guide

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    Muhammad Faezin Bin Mohamed Yasin

    I have used Advanced SystemCare PRO 6 from IObit ( for 2 years and noticed that it doesn’t slows down my laptop. I also scan Advanced SystemCare PRO 6 with Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 Cloud Edition just to make sure it is safe. Trend Micro said this software (Advanced SystemCare PRO 6) is SAFE and it DOESN’T INFECT YOUR COMPUTER.

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    Shane Gowland

    You’re an idiot. This post doesn’t claim that Advanced SystemCare is infected. It claims that IOBit is a history of unethical business practices. You keep blindly trusting your ‘Trend Micro [buzzword] [buzzword] [buzzword] [year] [buzzword] [buzzword]‘ and leave the thinking for other people.

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    Shane , you are so f. rude , what is wrong with you ?
    I don’t like Iobit at all , but I do not trust you either.
    You have a software developing company , it is very simple to see why you don’t like Iobit !

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    Shane Gowland

    If you come here and act like a monumental idiot, I will not hesitate to point it out. This is my personal website: your precious feelings don’t matter here. I don’t need you to trust me: all of products and services are free. Should you choose not to use them, that’s your loss – not mine.

    You’re correct that I likely have an agenda in bashing IOBit. Unfortunately I don’t. I frequently recommend and defend my competitors. Even IOBit.

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    the comment below is a copy of the email I sent today to someone named Alicia who wrote me asking why I was questioning a withdrawal for 19.99 from my paypal account. About a month ago, I saw my Paypal account was minus 19.99 from a company called Avangate. I complained to the BBB in California about Avangate removing money from my Paypal Account. Avangate turned out to be Advance System Care. I found that out when Alicia emailed me today from Ibit-Advanced System Care about my complaint regarding Avangate via Paypal. I had to get a new Mastercard and change Paypal passwords. It took over my computer via a virus.

    Dear Alicia,
    I received Advance System Care as a virus on my computer. I had one heck of a time getting it off; as the software would not allow itself to be uninstalled. The virus comes along with your a “fix” for the virus. The fix is your Advance System Care software. I do not want it, I never agreed to it and I never authorized your “company” to take money out of my Paypal account. I would never authorize anyone to automatically take money out of my Paypal account. I do not even want to send you an email. Please stay away from my email address. I repeat, lose my email address.

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    Floyd Kraemer

    Hi Shane, I am a mid level home / business user who has installed Iobit ASC 6 and have had very good results with it but your concerns about this being a Chinese company and the cyber spying they have been carrying on concerns me greatly. How can I tell IF they have installed anything on my computer that would allow them to back door me or something like that? I just found you so I am a bit hesitant. There are so many doomsayers out there these days.

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    Shane Gowland

    I’ve moved this comment to a more appropriate location.

    As I’ve said numerous times before, it’s unlikely that there is spyware/malware included in IOBit’s software. The issues I’ve raised are exclusively focused on their unethical business practices.

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    claude. zanardo

    OIBIT have automatically renewed my licence for Advanced Systems Care Pro 6 without my approval. They used the credit card details I provided when I first purchase the program.The renewal notice says that I authorised “automatic renewal” in the initial purchase. I am certain I did not do this. Attempts to contact them by e-mail have all failed.
    Has any one else had this experience?

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    I purchased the ASC Pro a week ago. I thought that I was purchasing the 5th edition at the time and recieved an activation code for the 5th edition. Here I find that 6 is a beta??? Anyway, it turned out that they wanted external access to my comp in order to “fix” the issue. I told them that I would not allow any external access to my comp, and I just wanted my money back. Sooo, I was dirrected back to the website to jump through the refund hoops if I wanted my money back. It has been a week now and my PayPal account has not yet been reimbursed. There seems to be no way to speak to a human in hope of getting my money back, and Avangate tells me that they are just fund collectors and have no authority to refund my money. Time for class action??

    Google this: Webb et. al. V. Cleverbridge Inc.

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    It was a sneaky little check box that was filled for you when you made the purchase. You gotta watch for these kind of things when making online purchases.

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