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Free SSL Certificates for Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce that every web hosting account with The Web Atom will be provided with free SSL certificates, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt. If you’re an existing customer, there is no configuration required: every single domain linked to your account now has a certificate and can be loaded over HTTPS.


Making sure your website supports SSL has become critically important in recent years. Google is using SSL support as a signal to determine how well your site ranks in search results, and some browsers are even starting to warn users who visit websites that don’t load securely.

How do I get my free SSL certificate?

SSL certificates are automatically provisioned for all of your domain names every 24 hours. If you’ve just added a new domain to your account and need an SSL certificate immediately, send us an email and we can add the certificate to your account manually.

Can I opt out?

If you don’t want SSL certificates added to your account, or have an SSL certificate provided by another vendor, send us an email and we will disable certificate provisioning for your account.

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