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Manage Code Snippets With GistBox

Anyone who has been coding for any significant amount of time knows how useful code re-use can be. GitHub have a great snippet sharing service called Gist, but it lacks the organisational features needed to make it a proper snippet management app.

GistBox is a web app that builds on top of GitHub Gists, adding support for labels, filtering and searching.


In addition to code snippet organisation, GistBox includes keyboard shortcuts, a split-screen snippet browser, code editor with syntax highlighting and realtime syncing with GitHub. GistBox is available as a web app and a Chrome Packaged App. The latter allows GistBox to look and act like a native app on any Operating System that Google Chrome supports.

GistBox Clipper

GistBox has a companion Google Chrome extension called Clipper. It allows you to create Gists from chunks of code on websites and instantly save them to Github.

GistBox Clipper

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