Create stunning product images with the Smartmockups app

Smartmockups is a desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to create high quality mockups to showcase design projects. The app allows you to take any image or web page and quickly impose it on one of 300+ ready-made templates, offering everything from mobile phones, desktops, and business cards.

Creating a new mockup is extremely simple. Just select the template you want to use, then add your design to the editable area by either selecting a JPG or PNG fle from your computer, or pasting in the URL of the web page. When you’re happy with how your image look, just click the save button and you’re done!

Smart Mockups is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems for $29. The price, while fair, is probably only worthwhile if you expect to use it reasonably often. If you’re lucky, you might be able to save some money by purchasing it through MightyDeals, where it’s quite frequently on sale for $14.

There is also a free trial version available, so you can take it for a test spin before you commit to buying.

Bear is a Simple and Elegant Note Keeping App for Apple Devices

Bear is a writing app for Mac and iOS designed, first and foremost, to be beautiful and pleasant to use. It’s ideal for taking notes, drafting blog posts or constructing essays and stories.


Bear isn’t just pretty to look at, though. It’s every bit as smart and sophisticated as its strongest competitors, boasting a long list of useful features. Its feature richness is especially impressive when you consider that it’s not officially released yet. At the time of writing, Bear is in closed beta, however you can submit your email address on the homepage to request access.


Once the app is released, there will be “premium features” and a cloud sync service that require an in-app payment. The developers have confirmed that the “core version” will remain free for both Mac and iOS.