Manage Code Snippets With GistBox

Anyone who has been coding for any significant amount of time knows how useful code re-use can be. GitHub have a great snippet sharing service called Gist, but it lacks the organisational features needed to make it a proper snippet management app.

GistBox is a web app that builds on top of GitHub Gists, adding support for labels, filtering and searching.


In addition to code snippet organisation, GistBox includes keyboard shortcuts, a split-screen snippet browser, code editor with syntax highlighting and realtime syncing with GitHub. GistBox is available as a web app and a Chrome Packaged App. The latter allows GistBox to look and act like a native app on any Operating System that Google Chrome supports.

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Caret – A powerful code editor for Chrome

Caret is a code editor inspired by Sublime Text, capable of running completely offline and able to open and save files anywhere on your hard drive. It exists as a Chrome app, which means it can run on any desktop operating system, including Chrome OS.


Caret has a pretty comprehensive feature set that makes it ideal for small programming tasks. It supports tabbed editing, syntax highlighting for dozens of languages and plenty of advanced features like keyboard shortcuts, multiple cursors and editable configuration files.
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