Create stunning product images with the Smartmockups app

Smartmockups is a desktop app that makes it incredibly easy to create high quality mockups to showcase design projects. The app allows you to take any image or web page and quickly impose it on one of 300+ ready-made templates, offering everything from mobile phones, desktops, and business cards.

Creating a new mockup is extremely simple. Just select the template you want to use, then add your design to the editable area by either selecting a JPG or PNG fle from your computer, or pasting in the URL of the web page. When you’re happy with how your image look, just click the save button and you’re done!

Smart Mockups is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems for $29. The price, while fair, is probably only worthwhile if you expect to use it reasonably often. If you’re lucky, you might be able to save some money by purchasing it through MightyDeals, where it’s quite frequently on sale for $14.

There is also a free trial version available, so you can take it for a test spin before you commit to buying.

Envato Elements – Unlimited Design Resources for a Monthly Subscription

Envato, the Australian company that runs the world’s largest online market for digital goods, recently launched a new service for designers. Envato Elements provides a library of graphics resources for use in creative projects for a small monthly fee. The service is targeted towards agencies and designers who need digital assets on a frequent or high-volume basis.


The library of resources currently contains over five thousand items, most (all?) of which seem to be sourced from the existing Envato Market. The collection contains items useful to a wide range of design projects, including icons, logos, graphics, backgrounds, fonts, photoshop brushes, PSD templates, and much, much more.


Envato have also put considerable effort into ensuring all items have liberal licensing policies and the authors are fairly compensated for their work. From the about page.

One Simple Commercial License For All Content
We want to make it easy for you to do the right thing. That’s why we came up with one license that gives you broad commercial rights, and applies to everything. So you can use items with confidence in all your projects.

A Fairer Approach To Revenue Share
As a company, Envato believes that when the community succeeds, we succeed. We’re proud to be providing a way for independent designers to earn a living doing what they love. For Envato Elements, we’re sharing 50% of net revenue and pioneering the use of subscriber share.

Access to the service will start at $49.00 a month, however those who sign up during the beta period will pay just $19 a month. The lower price is fixed for the life of the subscription.
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