Instantly create web-friendly images with Bzzt! Image Editor

Web pages with large and uncompressed image files are going to load more slowly than pages with correctly-sized and properly-optimized images. While there’s hundreds of apps available to resize and compress image files, few (if any) are easier to use than Bzzt! Image Editor.

Bzzt! Image Editor is a small Windows app that makes it super-easy to create web-friendly images. Once you’ve set your output size and quality preferences, just drag-and-drop the files you want to optimize onto the UI and Bzzt! will process them instantly. You can even process entire folders full of images at a time.
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Flarum – “Next Generation” Forum Software

Flarum is a free and open source forum script self-described as simple, fast, and free. It differs from the traditional layout of a forum by listing the most recently active topics on the index instead of a list of subforums. The subforums are instead replaced by topic tags which are listed on the left-hand side.


From the project’s introduction page:

  • Fast and simple. No clutter, no bloat, no complex dependencies. Flarum is built with PHP so it’s quick and easy to deploy. The interface is powered by Mithril, a performant JavaScript framework with a tiny footprint.
  • Beautiful and responsive. This is forum software for humans. Flarum is carefully designed to be consistent and intuitive across platforms, out-of-the-box. It’s backed by LESS, so themeing is a cinch.
  • Powerful and extensible. Customize, extend, and integrate Flarum to suit your community. Flarum’s architecture is amazingly flexible, prioritizing comprehensive APIs and great documentation.

Flarum’s developers warn that the software is still in active development and shouldn’t be used for mission-critical websites. Installation is relatively straightforward, requiring a few simple commands over SSH on a server with Composer installed.

Flarum’s prerequisites are all supported here at The Web Atom, however you will need to submit a support request to have SSH access enabled for your account.