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Instantly create web-friendly images with Bzzt! Image Editor

Web pages with large and uncompressed image files are going to load more slowly than pages with correctly-sized and properly-optimized images. While there’s hundreds of apps available to resize and compress image files, few (if any) are easier to use than Bzzt! Image Editor.

Bzzt! Image Editor is a small Windows app that makes it super-easy to create web-friendly images. Once you’ve set your output size and quality preferences, just drag-and-drop the files you want to optimize onto the UI and Bzzt! will process them instantly. You can even process entire folders full of images at a time.
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Create a cross-platform favicon with RealFaviconGenerator

Favicons are no longer just those 16x16px icons used to identify a website in a browser. Today they’re used for a wide variety of purposes, including tablets, mobile devices and even Windows 8 tiles. RealFaviconGenerator makes it simple to create all the required image sizes and formats in just a couple of clicks.


Instead of giving you a single favicon.ico file, RealFaviconGenerator generates all the pictures and HTML code you need to get a cool, mobile- and tablet-ready favicon. Your favicon will be perfect for:

  • PC and Mac, as usual
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows 8 tablets
  • And more…
  • The service is completely free to use.

    Manage Code Snippets With GistBox

    Anyone who has been coding for any significant amount of time knows how useful code re-use can be. GitHub have a great snippet sharing service called Gist, but it lacks the organisational features needed to make it a proper snippet management app.

    GistBox is a web app that builds on top of GitHub Gists, adding support for labels, filtering and searching.


    In addition to code snippet organisation, GistBox includes keyboard shortcuts, a split-screen snippet browser, code editor with syntax highlighting and realtime syncing with GitHub. GistBox is available as a web app and a Chrome Packaged App. The latter allows GistBox to look and act like a native app on any Operating System that Google Chrome supports.

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    A look at ‘Tiny Domain Monitor’ for monitoring domain expiration dates

    Keeping track of the dozens of domain names I own is a challenging task – especially since they’re spread across multiple domain registrars. Imagine losing a valuable domain name because the expiry notification got caught in your spam folder? I’ve experienced it. It sucks.

    I contemplating building a domain management interface in Python (I’m awful at Python, so it would have been a good practice project), but decided to quickly Google around for an existing solution. I stumbled across Tiny Domain Monitor, a PHP script designed to monitor domains and provide notifications when they’re about to expire.
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    Caret – A powerful code editor for Chrome

    Caret is a code editor inspired by Sublime Text, capable of running completely offline and able to open and save files anywhere on your hard drive. It exists as a Chrome app, which means it can run on any desktop operating system, including Chrome OS.


    Caret has a pretty comprehensive feature set that makes it ideal for small programming tasks. It supports tabbed editing, syntax highlighting for dozens of languages and plenty of advanced features like keyboard shortcuts, multiple cursors and editable configuration files.
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    Find The Perfect Domain Name With Domainr

    Domainr is a search engine for domain names that makes clever name suggestions using new and less-common domain extensions. Each query returns a list of potential domains categorized by their availability – either taken, available or for sale. A direct link to purchase or negotiate for available domains is then provided, along with basic WHOIS data from the current owner.


    Domainr’s most useful feature is difficult to explain. It applies a degree of logic to the results to match the domain extension to the type of business implied by the name. For example, a search for our parent company (“Gowland Media”) returns a list of results including “,” “,” and “”

    Domainr also have apps available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Chrome; so you can come up with great domain names while you’re out and about. Sure, why not? Finally, Domainr have an API to allow developers to integrate their domain generating powers into third-party apps.