How to reduce WordPress’ server load

One of the most common problems experienced in shared hosting environments is excessive resource usage. If a large enough number of people visit your website, you could consume an inordinate amount of resources and affect the performance of other websites that share the same server. In this situation, your web host has little choice but to temporarily disable your account to inconvenience the least possible number of customers.


WordPress can be extremely heavy on a server’s resources; especially if it’s poorly optimized, uses a bloated theme or has far too many plugins running. These are some simple steps you can take to reduce the server load of WordPress websites, though the principles can be applied to virtually any content management system.
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Twenty Fifteen, WordPress’ Upcoming Default Theme

The next default WordPress theme has been unveiled by Konstantin Obenland on the core development blog. The new theme has been designed with the needs of personal blogger in mind. It’s simple, clean and beautiful; thanks to Google’s fantastic Noto Serif and Sans Serif fonts. Because it’s shipping as a default theme, Twenty Fifteen will support all of WordPress’ advanced theme features. This includes localization support, accessibility testing, plus support for custom headers and backgrounds.


From the announcement post:

Twenty Fifteen is a clean, blog-focused theme designed through simplicity. With careful attention to typography, the theme treats text as a major part of the user interface. It features Google’s Noto Serif and Sans – a font family designed to be visually harmonious across many of the world’s languages, and a perfect fit for the internationalization strides being made in WordPress core.

The theme is also designed to maximize the impact of core’s customization tools – Custom Headers and Custom Backgrounds. These tools will allow any Twenty Fifteen blog to be easily personalized.

Last but definitely not least, Twenty Fifteen uses a mobile first approach in its design, remaining attractive and focusing on an optimal browsing experience across a wide array of devices from mobile to widescreen desktops.

All of these things come together to present content cleanly for any of Twenty Fifteen’s users – a simple default theme.


Twenty Fifteen should be included in WordPress 4.1, which will make it the default theme for the entirety of 2015.

Fix Common JetPack Comments Issues

JetPack Comments is perhaps my favourite feature from Automattic’s JetPack plugin. Not only does it increase blog engagement, but its use iFrames and JavaScript confused bots which seriously reduces comment spam. Unfortunately getting JetPack Comments installed and working with certain themes can be incredibly difficult.
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