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PHP Upgrades + MultiPHP Support

We never stop working to improve our service quality here at The Web Atom. Two weeks ago we increased the disk and bandwidth allowances for all plans and today we’ve completed a much-needed PHP upgrade and added MultiPHP to all accounts.

MultiPHP is a tool that allows us to run multiple different versions of PHP concurrently. We’re currently running PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6 and PHP 7. Customers can change which version of PHP is used on a per-domain basis from the MultiPHP settings within their cPanel account.

PHP 5.2, the previous default for customers who were still using our legacy servers, is no longer available and has been replaced by PHP 5.6 as the new system default. PHP 5.6 has significant performance and security improvements over 5.2.

PHP 5.5 has fewer backwards-compatibility breaking changes than 5.6 and can be used for websites that functioned normally under 5.2 but experience issues on 5.6.

PHP 7 boasts far superior performance than all versions in the 5.x branch and should be used where possible.

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Free SSL Certificates for Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce that every web hosting account with The Web Atom will be provided with free SSL certificates, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt. If you’re an existing customer, there is no configuration required: every single domain linked to your account now has a certificate and can be loaded over HTTPS.


Making sure your website supports SSL has become critically important in recent years. Google is using SSL support as a signal to determine how well your site ranks in search results, and some browsers are even starting to warn users who visit websites that don’t load securely.
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Celebrate Halloween with TWO Months of Free Web Hosting

To celebrate Halloween, we’re offering the first two months of our Proton hosting plan absolutely free. Just use the coupon code ‘HALLOWEEN’ which is valid until the second of November.


There is no lock-in contract and you’re free to close your account at any time. Once the free period ends, the plan will revert to the normal price of $5.59 a month. Offer does not include domain name registration and is only available to new customers.