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Ghost Blogging Platform 1-Click Installer Now Available For All Plans

Ghost is one of the newer blogging platforms on the market. If you’ve not yet heard of Ghost, it’s intended to be a modern re-imagination of blog software with a focus purely on blogging. Unlike WordPress, it’s built entirely in modern web technologies and doesn’t suffer the same issue of bloat from trying to be too many things.


Setting up Ghost has previously been a bit of challenge, because it needed Node.js to be installed on the server and required a proficiency with SSH to install. This excluded most low-cost shared web hosting and casual users from being able to use it. Addressing this problem, Ghosts developers began offering a hosting service starting at $19.00 per month – a price that’s unaffordable for most casual bloggers.


Thanks to Softaculous, you can now install Ghost on any plan here at The Web Atom for no additional cost. Just go to your cPanel dashboard, select Softaculous App Installer from the menu and follow the steps to create a Ghost blog. You don’t need to know how to use SSH, much around with databases or even know what Node.js is! Best of all, Softaculous will take care of all upgrades so you can just focus on blogging.

If you need any help getting Ghost set up on your account, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Now Selling Financial Services Domain Extensions

We’re now selling a number of new gTLDs relating to the financial services industry. We’ve got .cash, .money, .loan, .finance, .financial, .fund, .tax, .mortgage, and .accountant. Registration rates start at the very competitive price of $29.99 per year.


You can see the complete price list and check availability at our domains page. New domains can be ordered through the customer control panel.

Cheetah Run by David Siu

Faster Servers for Low-Cost Plans

Our shared hosting plans are now powered by the same high-powered servers used by our Nucleus customers. That means our low-cost hosting plans are now significantly faster than before, utilizing high-end Dual Intel Xeon CPUs, the newest SSD storage and significantly increased memory allocations.

Cheetah Run by David Siu
Cheetah Run by David Siu

The new servers are able to perform up to five times faster than our previous hardware.

Existing customers will be contacted over the next few weeks to decide if they wish to move to our new, faster hosting infrastructure.


Introducing Nucleus, our high-capacity hosting plan.

Today we’re unveiling Nucleus; our extremely powerful, high capacity web hosting plan. Nucleus has been built to handle the traffic of large online stores, popular blogs or busy forums; without losing the simplicity of shared hosting.


Each Nucleus account comes with 1GB of guaranteed RAM and one Intel Xeon CPU core, however the servers are able to utilize up to 4GB of RAM and 8 CPU cores during traffic spikes. Nucleus’ raw performance is comparable to a mid-range Virtual Private Server, but is as easy to use as any shared cPanel hosting account.

With Nucleus, you don’t have to worry about software updates, security patches, server hardening or optimization. That’s all handled by us. Your only job is to satisfy the tens of thousands of visitors your new Nucleus server can handle.


Now offering Domain Names and SSL Certificates

We’re proud to announce that you can now purchase domain names and SSL certificates through our customer management portal. We’re currently offering .com, .net, .org and .co domain names; plus RapidSSL and Comodo Essential SSL certificates at competitive prices.


You don’t need to be using our web hosting services to take advantage of our domain/SSL offerings, as they can be used with almost any provider.

We plan to expand the number of offered products in the future.