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Vectr plugin adds a full-featured graphics editor to WordPress

Vectr is a free online graphics editing tool. It can be used to edit images or create vector graphics directly inside your web browser. This week, the Vectr team released a WordPress plugin that embeds their editing tool into the edit screen of WordPress pages and posts.

The editor lets you complete many basic image editing tasks from directly within WordPress itself. Because you just need a web browser, Vectr can run on any operating system or device.

Once the plugin has been installed, opening the Vectr editor is very straightforward. Simply select an uploaded image and click the Vectr button in the editor toolbar.

The editor can perform many simple tasks; such adding text, watermarks, drawing shapes, or manipulating image borders. Once you’re done, just click on the tick and your edited image will be inserted into your post.

Vectr describe the plugin as “free forever,” but do plan on adding additional features in an upcoming premium edition.

Download Vectr from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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