Use of Disclosed data

The Web Atom will never share any personal information with third parties. Information that you have not personally disclosed but has been obtained through server logs (such as IP address, browser, operating system, screen resolution etc) will not be shared with users or other staff members. The Web Atom will never use this information with malicious intent such as hacking, spamming or spying.

Contact Information

If you provide us with your email address (through our contact form or discussion features), we will not send you spam or promotional material. Period.


Like many web sites, The Web Atom uses cookies to enhance your user experience. These are used to remember personal settings between sessions.


The Web Atom primarily utilizes the Google Analytics web service to monitor usage patterns and statistics of this website. As a result when you browse this website, some identifiable information will be shared with Google in order to aggregate statistics. We encourage you to read the Google privacy policy to familiarize yourself with how Google can use this information.

Server-side analytics containing non-identifiable information, such as IP address, country, browser, operating system and the resources you accessed while browsing our website are collected by The Web Atom. This information is not  accessible or distributed to the public, but rather is used to monitor usage patterns and look for errors, security exploits and activity of our server(s).

CloudFlare Inc provides The Web Atom with usage statistics and analytics to assist in locating website bottlenecks and security issues. CloudFlare may monitor your browsing behaviour to protect its users from dangerous web traffic.